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    POOLBIKING is present in facilities that combine exercise, health and the benefits of water.

"Practice POOLBIKING beachfront Pacific is an experience that our guests will not forget"
Angel Eladio, Director of Activities at the Mayan Palace hotel group in the Caribbean.
Hotel Entremares Bio-Balneario Marino Thermas Cartaginesas. La Manga del Mar Menor - Murcia
aquabike-Hotel Mayan Palace Mexico


It reduces the time of rehabilitation with regard to the traditional bike
Josefina Martin, graduated in hydrology, hospital ASEPEYO in Madrid
Escuela del Agua. Sevilla
Quercus Vital. Zaragoza


“POOLBIKINGS are always taken, the new activity has been successful!”
Pruden Indurain, manager of MASQUATRO
Calfont Wellness Centre. Igualada - Barcelona
Hotel Entremares Bio Balneario Marino Termas Carthaginesas. La Manga del Mar Menor - Murcia


"POOLBIKING is by far the best valued activity by the users, the POOLBIKING sessions are always full.”
Marga Bayo, sports coordinator in the Bilbao Kirolak.
Instalaciones Deportivas La Peña - Bilbao
CD. La Flota. Murcia
Instalaciones Deportivas Atxuri - Bilbao


“POOLBIKING is the most used bike by the customers who are searching for exercise and health.”
Silvia de Miguel, Body Factory editor
Body Factory Torrelavega
Calfont . Igualada (Barcelona)

comfort pool   COMFORT POOL is a design protocol based on ergonomics, biomechanics and ease of use. This protocol has been designed by a medical team, sport team and the design department of POOLBIKE.
Taking special attention on that parts of the product that are in contact with the user, like the pedals, the saddle, the structure and the closures, we are following an User Centered Design criteria. We take into account these parts because are the keys to our product success, the user is pedaling barefoot and takes just a swimsuit without protection.
All machines POOLTREKKING and POOLBIKING are perfectly adapted to any user regardless of their physical condition, their body structure and age.
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