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The main advantages of POOLBIKING / POOLTREKKING machines are related to biomechanics, hydrodynamics and progressive water resistance. All technicians who attest the results have collaborated with their ideas and design proposals. The Rehabilitation division listens to and studies with particular attention the advice received by such professionals. We have not forgotten our patients who with their results validate the effectiveness of our machines.

This team is made up of the following technicians and specialists:

  He has a Degree in Sports Medicine and is a specialist in physical preparation of elite basketball players. In his long career he has worked with teams like Real Madrid C.F., F.C. Barcelona and other important teams. Currently he uses POOLTREKKING XL in players training in order to strength their muscles avoiding the overuse of the knees joint. He also uses the POOOLBIKING CORE for balance and reflex exercises while pedaling hard.
  Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, he is the assistant of the Rehabilitation Services in Igualada’s Hospital (Barcelona). Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical and Preventive Medicine at the University of Barcelona. He is the Rehabilitation Expert in Mutua Igualadina Medical Center (MIPS). He collaborates with POOLBIKE. According to him, 'it’s been scientifically proven that physical exercise helps in the treatment of degenerative or arthritic joint diseases. Its application in an aquatic environment allows a greater empowerment of limbs and trunk muscles, preventing harmful effects as joint overload.'
  He has a Degree in INEF, is a professional football coach and trainer specialized in soccer players, he is currently working with RD Mallorca, he has also worked for F.C. Barcelona, ​​Real Betis and AEK Athens. As he says: 'I use the bike and elliptical for players muscle recovery, I highly value the balance of forces of the two legs and the fact that the progressive resistance allows each athlete to find its ideal point of resistance.'
  Medical Director of the Sports Rehabilitation Center TRAIR CLINIC He is the physiotherapist of the Spanish national Rugby team and of the Real Madrid C.F. professional team. His long career has always been linked to the rehabilitation of high performance sportsmen. In his own words: 'In our center we train the national Rugby team and the POOLTREKKING treadmill workout is perfect for speed, strength and endurance training, and we also use it to recover from injuries.'
Physiotherapy supervisor at ASEPEYO Hospital in Madrid. With POOLBIKING we significantly reduce the rehabilitation time compared to traditional fitness machines, and the best is that we can use them from the beginning to the end of the rehabilitation process.
He is a convinced user after a hip surgery. In his own words, 'I am 75 years old and I’ve been able to go back to normal life in only 6 months'. The whole recovery process has been done with a POOLTREKKING treadmill. It has been a stimulating and pain free rehabilitation.
  He is the Responsible of Rehabilitation in the High Performance Center in Barcelona, ​'We use POOLBIKING machines mainly for muscle recovery in athletes who have a strong workload on legs muscles, and also in the rehabilitation process of muscles of the lower body'.
  He has a Degree in Physical Education and is a physiotherapist specialized in aquatic rehabilitation for soccer players. He is currently working on the Aspire Academy in Qatar and previously he was working with the Real Madrid FC. He has collaborated in the development of POOLTREKING XL. According to Alain, 'This machine is perfect for professional athletes to relax muscles and articulations. In one hand, it allows athletes to keep training even when the risk of injury by overuse is high, and on the other hand accelerates the recovery of injuries.'
Head of Functional Rehabilitation Department in Institut Guttmann. This is an international reference center in rehabilitation and the study of spinal cord and brain injury. 'POOLTREKKING MEDICAL treadmill combines coordination, balance and muscle work and provides many functional benefits to patients who undergo rehab.'

comfort pool   COMFORT POOL is a design protocol based on ergonomics, biomechanics and ease of use. This protocol has been designed by a medical team, sport team and the design department of POOLBIKE.
Taking special attention on that parts of the product that are in contact with the user, like the pedals, the saddle, the structure and the closures, we are following an User Centered Design criteria. We take into account these parts because are the keys to our product success, the user is pedaling barefoot and takes just a swimsuit without protection.
All machines POOLTREKKING and POOLBIKING are perfectly adapted to any user regardless of their physical condition, their body structure and age.
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