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  • poolbiking rehabilitationRehabilitation
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The most advanced aquabike for rehabilitation. A team of doctors, physiotherapists and biomechanics technicians work in the development of our machines. The resistance and weightlessness of the water are perfect elements for rehabilitation.



  POOLBIKE was born with the idea of becoming the best manufacturer of aquatic fitness machines. Thanks to a committed team we achieved our challenges; we have the most advanced range of machines.

We are present on the five continents and our goal is to keep improving to consolidate our business and be a benchmark company in the sector.

We work closely with doctors, physical therapists, sports men and professionals, thanks to them we develop the best biomechanics applied to water and get the best results in rehabilitation and sports enhancement.

POOLBIKE has three divisions: Fitness, Hotels and Rehabilitation. We tailor each machine to each sector; the result is a range suitable for each client (fitness centers, rehabilitation centers, hotels and SPA's).

Our commitment with the society encourages us to work for the people wellbeing.
designed and made in barcelona


comfort pool   COMFORT POOL is a design protocol based on ergonomics, biomechanics and ease of use. This protocol has been designed by a medical team, sport team and the design department of POOLBIKE.
Taking special attention on that parts of the product that are in contact with the user, like the pedals, the saddle, the structure and the closures, we are following an User Centered Design criteria. We take into account these parts because are the keys to our product success, the user is pedaling barefoot and takes just a swimsuit without protection.
All machines POOLTREKKING and POOLBIKING are perfectly adapted to any user regardless of their physical condition, their body structure and age.
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